What are cookies?
Cookies collect information needed to make sure the website operates correctly. Cookies from are safe.

What type of cookies are used?
Cookies that enable you to

Third party cookies
In we use analytics software (Google Analytics) and a banner management system (Dart for publishers)/ These third parties also write cookies. With Google Analytics we analyse visits and behaviour of our visitors. We use this information to improve the service offered by the website and thus make your visit to our website more effective and pleasant. Dart for Publishers is used to serve you ads from our clients. This system writes cookies to make sure that you for instance are not shown the same ad too often. It is also used to analyse the success of a campaign for our clients. None of these systems collect personal information on you.

How long do cookies stay in existence
Most cookies are deleted when you close the browser. Other cookies will stay for some days to some years. You can always delete the cookies via the settings of your browser.

Deleting cookies or switching cookies off
You can always switch off or delete cookies via the settings tab of your browser. How to do this can be found under Help in most browsers. Remark: Most websites will not operate correctly without cookies.

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